Rodrigo R. Rodarte
Project Analyst

Rodrigo is a Project Analyst at BRV’s Los Angeles office with a background in non-profit event production, design, and property management.

He currently works on park improvement projects in Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Portland, and urban redevelopment projects in Santa Monica, Culver City, Oakland, Tempe, and Green Bay.

Prior to joining BRV, Rodrigo worked in property management, specializing in rehabilitating “dead space” real estate into vibrant, creative assets. Most recently, he oversaw the transformation of a decommissioned boarding house into a collaborative live-work space and is currently helping to update a 1980’s SRO building into upscale modern apartments.  

Rodrigo also served as a special events coordinator for a community oriented, multinational non-profit responsible for over 4,000 grassroots programs and volunteer events annually, more than 200 of which Rodrigo planned and executed personally during his tenure.

As a passion, Rodrigo wrote, edited, and co-produced the historical documentary “From Red State to Golden State: Soviet Jewish Immigration to the City of Angels” as part of a California Humanities grant.

His passion lies at the crossroads between place making, value creation, and creative expression.