Howard Kozloff
Project Manager

Howard Kozloff is a Los Angeles-based Project Manager for BRV. He also serves as Managing Partner of Agora Partners, an urban real estate advisory, development, and investment firm based in Los Angeles. Agora works at the intersection of urban planning and real estate development, focusing on opportunistic “entrepreneurial planning” that leverages the built environment to effectuate economic development strategies.

Prior to founding Agora Partners, Howard worked in both development and consulting, participating in opportunities ranging in scales, geographies and asset types. He has managed development and investment projects on behalf of small entrepreneurial firms, large public REITs and multi-billion dollar institutional funds. This includes Director of HH Development Strategies and Director of Operations at Hart Howerton, an international planning, design and development advisory firm; Development Manager at Santa Monica-based The Martin Group and, before that, at Macerich, a retail REIT, focused on urban infill and retail properties.

Howard holds a Master of Urban Planning from Harvard University, a Master of Science in Real Estate Development from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and Design of the Environment from the University of Pennsylvania. Howard also served as adjunct faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and the University of Southern California.