Grey Baker
Project Analyst

Grey Baker is a Project Analyst at BRV Corp in the New York office. Mr. Baker also works at 42nd Street Development Corporation, where he is the Manager of Special Projects, including the renovation of Theatre Row – a storied complex of five Off-Broadway theaters and rehearsal space for non-profit theater companies – as well as new initiatives as 42SDC looks to expand its footprint within New York City.

Prior to joining BRV, Mr. Baker spent his career in politics and government, working at the White House Office of Political Affairs, for the Director of the Peace Corps, and for the Vice President.  He also served as an advisor to senior leaders in the U.S. Intelligence Community with Booz Allen Hamilton.

Mr. Baker holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School, where he focused on real estate finance, and a Bachelor's Degree in History from Stanford University.