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Amanda Wigen

Amanda Wigen started her career in New York City developing programming and supporting operations at Bryant Park Corporation and the 34th Street Partnership. She then returned to her Midwestern roots to help establish the private-management model for public spaces in the Twin Cities. As Director of Programming & Events for non-profit conservancy Green Minneapolis, Amanda spearheads the public programming, community engagement and operations arms at The Commons, a new public space in downtown Minneapolis.

From the park’s opening day, Amanda was crucial in developing a flexible and cost-effective operating plan, implementing active and passive programming, building relationships with key stakeholders, and devising a long-term financial strategy to ensure the park’s success. 

Amanda is a consultant to BRV Corp, applying learnings from cities big and small to park and urban redevelopment projects across the United States.

 Amanda graduated from Vassar College with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies.